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Welcome! I’m starting this site to share my knowledge of physics, experiences developing software for scientific use, and anything else that gets me excited. I am currently a graduate student in the physics department at Cornell University working with Prof. Saul Teukolsky with the SXS collaboration. My research interests are solving Einstein’s equations using computers to study physics not available to us here on Earth. Common examples of problems solved using numerical relativity include binary black hole mergers, binary neutron star mergers, and jets and acretion disk formation and evolution. Recently numerical relativity has also been used to study quantum mechanical systems using the so-called anti-de Sitter/conformal field theory (AdS/CFT) conjecture. If you have not heard of AdS/CFT fear not, I will have a post on this at some stage but be warned that it is from the view of a relativist, not a particle physicist.

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