Welcome! Let me start with a brief history of me. I grew up in rural Manitoba, Canada and did an undergraduate degree in physics at The University of Winnipeg. I am now a graduate student in the physics department at Cornell University working with Prof. Saul Teukolsky as part of the SXS collaboration. My research interests are in numerical solutions to partial differential equations (such as the Einstein equations in general relativity), high performance C++ focusing on peta- and exascale applications, and generative and metaprogramming. While my graduate research focuses on numerical relativity, I really enjoy using computational methods and tools to solve difficult science and technology problems. My numerical relativity interests are merging black holes and neutron stars. However, the new code SpECTRE the SXS collaboration is developing will be applicable to many more problems in astrophysics, such as core collapse supernova simulations, and studying accretion disks around black holes.

In my “free” time I enjoy doing some hobby photography, going for runs, rock climbing (as of recent), playing tennis, hockey, and guitar. In time I will share some of my favorite pictures with you. When I’m not working or exercising I really enjoy writing computer code, specifically for scientific purposes such as solving partial differential equations. I hope to some day actually organize my hobby projects under the Projects section, but for now just check out my GitHub profile.

You can find my full CV here.